Human beings are the weirdest creatures in the universe. It’s not a criticizing statement but a badge of honor that we anthropoids love to wear. Regardless of what collateral damage any of our invention may bring, we love to experiment with things, on things, all the time. Over the years we have created numerous spectacular products which have exploited us from top to bottom. We excessively rely on these imperative devices and abstain from doing hard work. Now the situation is that we don’t control technology but technology controls us. For every comfort of ours we have built something wicked. And in absence of these equipments we feel uncomfortable and often get very anxious. Out of all such creations, the utmost beneficial and equally ruinous device is a Smartphone.

Smartphones help us in doing all kinds of work ranging from frantic emailing to faster social networking, creating spreadsheets to surfing the internet, etc. These devices fit right into your hands are easily accessible everywhere. However, considering the cost of purchasing these gadgets is very diverse, people tend to love their high-budget iPhone’s or phablets more than themselves. If any doubt relating to the validity of the fact then just watch anybody’s facial expression when the Smartphone slips from his or her hands or pocket. It’s priceless. It’s even scarier when someone accidentally drops their lavish device into water. It’s impossible not to skip a beat during such situations.

Reason being no manufacturing company ever guaranteed of fixing a mobile phone that has caught up water or any other liquid. So a person has to think like a Hardware engineer and figure out some solution. And solution comes from asking Google. Of the top most suggestions, the ultra commonly found advice is to place the phone in a bowl or bag of raw rice for an entire day or night as applicable. Now the logic behind this suggestion is that Rice are grains of high affinity which draws out moisture. Considering most of the water comes out at the time of drawing out the fallen device from the wet region such as bucket, what remains are the small droplets which can be soaked out via placing the mobile inside the rice bag.

The method doesn’t work in all cases. If the wet cell phone is put late beneath the rice then chances are that the inner components may already stop functioning by that time. Nonetheless, a lot of people completely condemn the method and give misleading opinions on social networking sites and forums. Rice does salvage dropped phone in water unless it’s too late to try. It’s a viable remedy which indicates one of the many benefits of the grain.