For many faxing means having to get a fax machine, an extra phone line, paper and ink supplies and the list goes on! Is faxing really that expensive? In times where gas prices are insanely high, why should you have to waste more on faxing? Here you will learn more about the alternatives to the old fax machine.

Why You Should Throw Out Your Fax Machine

Let’s face it, these desk space consuming office machines are big, clunky and annoying. Not only do you have to spend several hundred dollars buying one, but maintaining it is another price.

Quick fact: Did you know that a fax machine is the most energy consuming office machine? Think turning it off might help lower the electric bill, it may but while it is turned off it CAN’T receive faxes which means you could be missing important faxes!

These machines also take up office space, require an extra phone line, complicated installations and so on. When it is finally installed it can easily get a paper jam, run out of ink or paper when you need to send an urgent fax and yes, the dreaded busy dial tone.

The Alternative

So how can faxing get better? Easy, just do it all through the internet with fax through internet services! The internet has quickly become a solution for almost anything and now it has done its magic on faxing and it is called Internet Fax Services. These services are what transform your computer or laptop into a virtual fax machine. All you need to get started is a computer and internet connection.

Fax Machine vs Internet Fax Services

Want some figures? No problem. Let’s say for example you receive one, and send two faxes per week that’s 78 faxes per year. Here are the numbers:

Cost to run your fax machine for 1 year: $1203.95

Cost of 78 faxes at a copy place: $234.00

Cost of Internet Faxing 1 year: $120.00 (average)

So there you have it, it is clear to see that faxing online is a true money saver. But that’s now where the benefits end. Internet fax services also provide MORE features such as multiple faxing and now even the ability to fax from your cell phone! There are many things that internet faxing is offering now and all for a low monthly price. You can even free fax via internet right now by taking advantage of free 30 day trials!

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