I have notice that many game players can not uninstall Diablo 2 successfully from their computer. Yes, you have to uninstall the original one when you are going to download the new version or you just want to delete the expansion. If you are also looking for an effective way to remove this game, this article is right for you to uninstall Diablo 2 completely.

Usually you will get an error message when you fail to uninstall Diablo 2 as following.

Setup has experienced an error.

Please do the following:

-Close a running program

-Empty your temporary folder

-Check your internet connection (Internet-based Setups)

You should shut off the running Diablo 2. To make sure this, you can uninstall Diablo 2 directly after Windows startup. As for the temporary folder, go to Start — click Run – type %Temp% in the text box and click OK. Remove all the files in the pop-up windows. Here is a tip for quick deletion. Choose Edit and then Select All from the menu.

Now you can go to Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs. In the program list, click the Diablo 2, and then click remove button.

If you still have problem on uninstall Diablo 2, it is highly recommended you to download a professional uninstall program. In fact, you should keep a good habit that remove programs by uninstall program instead of Windows add/remove programs, because only a uninstall program can thoroughly remove related registry entries, or those useless entries will slow down your computer and cause unexpected computer errors.

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