The Dell Laser Printer is one of the best around in the market. However, many users complain about the numerous error codes they frequently receive. Here are some troubleshooting tips on fixing these errors effectively.

Error code: 004-332

This type of error code implies that you need to restart the printer again. However, do check to see if toner cartridges are seated in the proper position. Also ensure that they have been locked in. This is an error commonly associated with the Dell 3100cn laser printer.

Error code: 016-370

This is yet another error message asking you to restart the printer. You need to switch off the printer and then connect it via the USB cable. Press the hold and cancel buttons simultaneously. Then power on the printer again. On your LCD display you should typically see a message saying ‘ready for download mode’. You will then need to initialize the firmware update process.

Error code: 009-360

Sometimes the Dell laser printer only recognizes the yellow toner as ‘missing’. Hence you need to replace the Dell toner with a new one. It can happen when the toner is a remanufactured one with a different chip.

Error type: Not printing black text

This type of error happens because of a problem with the power supply. You need to check if the I/O cable is connected properly or not and that all connections are in place.

Error type: Printing text in red

At certain times you might be able to print perfectly well the first two times and then you see the text being covered in red color. This can happen if the unit is still not properly clean. You could try cleaning the tube.

Error message: Insert yellow toner

Sometimes in spite of replacing the yellow toner in your Dell 5100 cn laser printer you might still get this error message. Try to change the black cartridge. You could also check to see if the toner cartridges are locked appropriately.

Error message: Print head error

This type of error message typically happens when the printer head is not clean enough. You could try installing software that is used to clean the head of the printer. You could try clicking on ‘start’ then go to ‘settings’ and then ‘printers’. Select your printer and right click on it and go to ‘properties’. Check to see if there is any such software installed.

Error code: 1200

This error code is commonly associated with the Dell 922 printer. Usually you might see the cartridge moving front and back and slamming itself against the printer. You need to tighten the strings located on the back of the printer and then it should work fine.

Error message: Parallel port maybe used by another application

This is an error message commonly found when you are trying to make a second scanning operation. Try downloading the printer driver according to your specific operating system. You could also try setting a different parallel port in the BIOS.

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