Data cleansing, also known as database cleansing or data scrubbing, is the process of ensuring that a set of data is correct and accurate. UK based companies heavily rely on computerized data in their normal operations so data cleaning is a very important task. During the data cleansing process, different tools are used to check records for accuracy and consistency, and either corrected, or deleted as necessary. Data cleansing process uses different software and tools and can occur within a single combination of database records, or between multiple sets of data which need to be merged, or which will work together.

In UK, database cleansing at its simplest level, involves a person or persons reading through a set of data records and verifying their accuracy. Typos and spelling mistakes are corrected, mislabelled database information is properly labelled and filed, and incomplete or missing entries are completed. Database cleansing operations in UK based companies often purge out of date or unrecoverable data sets and records, so that they do not take up space and cause inefficient operations.

In more complex operations, companies cleanse data by computer software or tools. These data cleansing software can check the data with a variety of tools, rules and procedures decided upon by the expert. UK based companies set data cleansing tools to delete all records which have not been updated within the last five years, correct any words with spelling mistakes, and delete any duplicate copies of inconsistent data. A more complex data cleansing software might be able to fill in a missing city based on a correct zip code, or change the prices of all items in a database to Euros instead of UK pounds.

Database cleansing is very important to the efficiency of any data dependent companies in UK. If some of the clients within a database do not have accurate telephone numbers, your staff cannot easily contact them. If your clients’ email addresses are formatted incorrectly, an automated email system would be unable to send out the latest promotional coupons and special deals. The job of database cleansing operator is to insure that the data within a system is correct, so that the system is able to effectively utilize the data. Inaccurate or incomplete data records are not much use to anyone.

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