Custom company designed USB flash drives as trade show giveaways are a unique & effective way of advertising. Every company looks for unique and cost effective trade show giveaways. Giveaways should make attendees talk about the great gift they received and soon enough the talk will go around the trade show of the great gift company “X” is giving out. This giveaway will bring more visitors to your booth custom USB’s can be designed with your company logo, theme or brand image, a mascot, a shape design, any colour can be added, and any shape can be manufactured. If you want your company to get increased trade show traffic, get company recognition on a product that people use on a daily bases at work and at home, custom drives are the hottest trade show giveaway today.

Give some thought into exactly what design or style your USB will have, if your company is a micro brewery for example you can do the following. Have a USB made of your company logo, a miniature replica of your company beer bottles, or how about a bottle cap opener made of metal. The possibilities are endless but always remember that your company logo, name address and some sort of contact information should always be printed on your giveaway. Always remember that trade show giveaways are to remind the customer or potential customer of his/her trade show experience.

Another great feature of custom drives is that they can have marketing tools and information preloaded for the end user. Whether it may be office files, PD F’s, images, documents or music custom USB can be shipped with all your information already preloaded. Your company logo can also display as a custom icon, making a visual impression whenever a user plugs in your USB flash. Custom USB flash drives can be made from various material they come in metal, plastic, leather, and eco friendly wooden USB’s are becoming increasingly popular.

By giving away custom USB flash drives your company is not following the crowd with the same pens, paper clips, mugs, t-shirts etc.. It’s giving away something special that will not be placed inside a desk drawer and forgotten but used on a daily bases. Unique designed company USB flash drives are a great promotional gift, USB drives are used on a daily bases, for writing storing, transferring etc… When your company gives a custom USB flash drive away it know that the user will see your branding, or will associate that unique product to your company.

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