Cremation nowadays is becoming popular due to its low cost compared to other after death arrangements.. You must take note that a properly designed facility will enable you to maximize profit and efficiency.

The physical space of a Crematorium does not need to be that large. You must first take into consideration to have a lobby that will serve as a waiting room. A chapel for the ceremony and a viewing room where relatives can watch the furnace can be a part of the area. There should be a room where the refrigeration unit of 10’x10′ will fit and a furnace or incinerator with the size of 15’x5′.

For the processing facility, there should be a room for the ventilation system, filters and air conditioning unit. In the area of the furnace, there should be a staging room where all the bones will be removed. Crematoriums also often have a shop where relatives can choose urns for the ashes. There should also have special areas for safety like eye wash sink, shower, first aid supplies and other safety equipments. A storage room is also a must where you place all your cleaning tools and supplies.

In running a large business, you’ll be needing office facilities, a manager, the operators, sales people and accounting. Proper planning of the floor plan will make your business more efficient and hence more profitable. This kind of business may not be pleasing to most people but there’s no reason for your facility to go with it. A Crematorium must have proper landscaping and must be pleasing to the visitors.

The major equipments for a Crematorium are Cooler, Furnace and Cremulator. The Cooler is where the body will be stored before the cremation. The Furnace is the machine that will reduce the body into bones in two hours. The Cremulator is the one that looks like a dryer and has ball bearings inside to grind the bones into powder.

For other tools and supplies for a Crematorium, you must have a rental casket for viewing and before cremation the body is placed in a wood box for incineration. When the body arrives, a stainless steel cart will be needed to move the body to various places. A lift is also needed to adjust the platform to suitable level to aid in movement.

For safety, an autoloader is needed so it’s not needed to get too close to the furnace. There are times wherein the body must be repositioned inside the furnace so pokers and positioning wands are needed for this. Trays, containers, rakes and brooms with tough bristles are needed for cleaning the remains. Magnets and identification discs are also needed for the remains. Trays to hold the bones, processing tables and scoops are additional tools in getting the remains after incineration.

There are other smaller tools that are must haves. In a place with so much dust, protective face masks, clothing, face shields and respirators are very important. A high-powered vacuum and all burn safety equipments are very vital including burn masks and tough gloves and even burn sleeves are needed to handle heat.

A Crematorium business is a profitable one especially if you give proper investment and care to all your equipments and supplies. It’s your vicinity and service that will detect your reputation. You may invest a lot in purchasing everything that you need but it will get back to you ten times more if you know how to maintain and handle them with care. Your efficiency and the future of your business rely to your facilities.

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