How many times have you walked into a party and the moment you step inside, you get a feeling of deja vu. Yes, sometimes parties can be repetitive. New ideas for party planning seem to not be in the minds of people now.

Buy you know better, right? You can have a party and have fun without having to adhere to the usual ways of having one. Graduation party? Well, why not put a little twist on the usual PowerPoint presentation of school pictures? Creativity is important in every party. The more active your imagination is, the more fun it’s going to be-that’s a guarantee!

You have to remember that every party is different. You and your next-door neighbor are both turning 21 tomorrow, so do you need to buy the same dresses? Or have the same caterer or play the same music? I don’t think so. In a way, a party shows who you are. It is the perfect time to show how unique you are.

But of course, before we dwell on that, you have to know the basics. First, what’s your theme? Who are in your guest list? Why are you having this party, anyway? Next is to decide where you are going to have it and what time it’s going to be. What food you are going to serve and if alcohol is in order.

Now that you have that, the most important question is this: what new or fresh thing am I going to present?

Now the brainstorming begins. The easiest way to do this is to assess yourself. What am into right now? What’s the fad I can’t get enough if? Well, no matter how corny or weird it is, it would a great fun idea to use that. Are you going gaga over boots right now? Well, it may be Christmas but you can inject that into your party. Instead of the traditional “Christmas socks,” why not make it “Christmas boots,” right?

If you have thought of everything and you just don’t think your current obsession will mix well with your party, a nice idea is to turn on your laptop or PC, open your browser and type in “New Ideas for Parties.” And you can surf from website to website to find the best idea for you and your party.

But if you still can’t find the perfect one for you, you can actually pick one aspect of the party and put your spin on it. For example, instead of giving the party goodie bags at the end of the party, stand by door, welcome the guests while giving them the party favors. It’s sure to give your guests a hint that your party will be unlike any other.

Ideas are endless. You can actually never run out of it. Parties are for entertaining and for pleasure so as long as you have that in mind, you can come up with fresh ideas that your guests are sure to enjoy. Just remember, deja vu is not welcomed here.