Most often, people throw brochures after reading the content, because the brochures have already served their purpose that is-to inform readers about a product or service. However, you can recycle old brochures to help save the environment. Recycling is the best solution in putting old brochures to good use. All you need is to think of innovative and creative ways in which you can recycle old brochures. Below are creative brochure recycling ideas that you may want to try.

• Props for school plays: You can donate your old brochures to theater organizations in schools so they can use the print materials as props for their school play. The members of the theater organization would be delighted to get old brochures that they can use however they want.

• Collage: Cut out the images from old brochures and turn them into a collage. Place the collage in a fancy frame and use the artwork as display in your bedroom or office. You may also use the collage as a birthday gift to a friend or loved one. They would definitely appreciate the hard work and creativity that you put on your hand made gift.

• Notebook cover: Make your notebook unique and stylish by covering it with old brochures. For a more interesting design, cut out the images from the print materials and put them together to create a puzzle cover. Just add a plastic cover on your notebook to protect your “artwork” from getting wet or crumpled.

• Gift wrapper: Old newspapers are commonly recycled to make gift wrappers, because the news headlines look interesting and creative. Old print brochures can also be good gift wrapping materials especially if the prints have nice designs. Add glitters or ribbons on your gift wrapper to make it more presentable and special for your friends or loved ones.

• Scrapbook: Cut the images and texts from the old print brochures and use them as little accents for your scrapbook. Recycling these materials let you cut costs, because you no longer have to buy scrapbook designs from book stores.

• Bookmark: Paste the images that you cut out from the brochures on a card board and punch a hole where you can tie strings.

Recycling is the way to go if you want to take part in saving the environment, so start doing creative projects with the use of old brochures. More and more people are discovering new ways to recycle old paper scraps. And even online printing service is now practicing the recycling of old paper scraps to show their support for eco-friendly living.

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