Craigslist Tactic #1 – How To Write A Better Description:

One quick simple tactic to use to increase your sales is to increase your visibility on Craigslist. One of the biggest mistakes I see on Craigslist is that sellers DON’T use all the available characters to them in their posting titles.

Realize you have 70 characters available to use in your titles. USE ALL OF THEM if you can. Instead of saying ” Dell Laptop” in your title, say “Dell Inspiron 600m Laptop w/80GB Hard Drive/ 512 MB RAM – Perfect Condition!!”

By doing this your listings will stand out from the others in the list.

It’s simple but tremendously effective. Simply doing this should double and triple the amount of people clicking on your posting and reading your description.

Craigslist Tactic #2 – How To Write A Better Description:

When posting an item on Craigslist, you need to write a title and description for your post. How you do each of these are of utmost importance in increasing your sales.

Here’s a way to write a more enticing description, to get more responses to your post:

Say why you are selling the item; tell a story. This gives the buyer some comfort that the item is not stolen or that there is nothing wrong with it. Such as:

“I’m selling this item because my brother gave this to me for my birthday, but I already had one”, or

“My landlord is on my case so I need to sell some things fast to cover my rent!”.

If you have a short story about why you are selling the item, or some history about it, by all means say it. If there is sentimental value attached to it, relay that as well.

Be truthful and remember you are telling the buyer this because it humanizes you and makes them feel like they know you a bit better, so they will trust you more, and will be more likely to BUY OFF YOU!

Hope this helps.

Till then, Happy Selling

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