Choose Your Laptop

Choosing the right gaming laptop

It can sometimes be daunting trying to find a gaming laptop that suits your needs. Before you go and make a purchase, have a think about the features you want to have.

The Display

When buying a gaming laptop, one of the most important aspects to consider is the display. For starters, consider the size of the monitor that you want. Some models have smaller 13in screens which sacrifice the resolution for mobility. These are ok for playing on the go but are not suited to handle games with high-end graphics. This is where larger models are stronger where the display is usually between 15-18in across. On top of that, IPS and high resolution screens are also highly valued by gamers as they can display life-like details and help to improve viewing angles.


To many gamers, the CPU is the very heart and soul of a gaming laptop. If a system has a poor processor, it often leads to an unpleasant experience every time you play a round. Luckily, gamers are spoilt for choice with most systems running either multiple AMD or Intel processors to get the best out of their set-up. At the top end of the spectrum, both the Intel i7 and the AMD A10 processors are the most powerful CPU’s covering available. They can handle almost any graphics configuration and allow for a seamless experience on all fronts. If someone can’t afford anything with those specs, they can opt for machines that use an Intel i5 or AMD A8 processor which can still handle 3D without any problems


After the CPU unit, the GPU or graphics card is perhaps the next big element to consider for your system. When searching for the right GPU, it is really only worth considering machines that have an ATI Radeon or NvidiaGeforceGTXchip installed. Both of these processors are able to handle powerful graphics and process them at a high frame rate. It’s worth noting that models which have an x next to them are often denoted as the latest version available so could be more than those without it.


It can be quite easy to get SSD confused with HDD but there are several decisions. SSD, or Solid State Drive, is actually able to run much faster than a hard-drive with the most powerful versions running up to ten times faster than standard HDD components. Generally, most gaming set-ups can combine both SSD and HDD within the one system. This means that  you can put the most powerful games in your collection on the SSD whilst maintain the HDD to run games that aren’t going to push your system to the absolute limit.


Thin and light gaming laptops are no longer a dream anymore. Many gaming brands such as Razer, MSI, Asus and gigabyte have opposed the odds to produce exceptionally light gaming laptops a mere 1.3kg! Gaming can become on-the-go leisure now!

Customise and accessorise

The beauty of gaming laptops is that you can add or remove some components to get the experience that best suits you. For example, you can add or remove RAM to the system to help it run your favourite games when you want to play them. In addition, you can also add fans and speakers to ensure that you can completely immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the entire experience.

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