When I discovered videos of Charlotte Gerson personally speaking about The Gerson Therapy and how it works, I jumped at the chance to see them all! I was surprised to not only learn in more detail what the therapy is and how it works, but also the shameful reasoning for the resistance to this therapy by the Medical Industry!

And she began speaking…

“Our patients get one glass of Carrot and Apple juice EVERY HOUR, 4 glasses of Green Vegetable Juice, plus one glass of orange juice to start the day, for a total of 13 glasses + 3 raw food meals EVERYDAY.”

But wait a minute! Didn’t my food combining knowledge teach me that you’re NOT supposed to EAT fruits and vegetable together?…MUCH LESS actually DRINK THEM TOGETHER IN A JUICE!!????…

…And as she divulged the therapy in detail, one false belief, after another crumbled! I finally relaxed, surrendered to her vast natural health knowledge, and started taking copious notes like a student in a college lecture hall! All with the undeniable feeling and knowing that I was truly blessed to be in the presence of a Natural Healing Master!

I later learned that apples were also in the “Green Juice” because they are high in potassium and pectin which make the vegetable juices more digestible. Diseased bodies need immediate access to the multitude of enzymes and nutrients present in the juices.

And she continued speaking…

“There are ONLY two causes of Chronic Disease… DEFICIENCY and TOXICITY!”

I thought to myself, “YES, that’s EXACTLY the conclusion that I had drawn from my research!!!”… And then she continued to explain, the “deficiency” for her diseased patients is a deficiency of NUTRIENTS, and not only Oxygen, as I previously concluded. Pure Oxygen is definitely needed by the body, but in order to REBUILD and REPAIR the cellular tissue after MASSIVE DAMAGE, you MUST replace the deficient nutrients and enzymes in the body, and that’s EXACTLY what this wonderful therapy does!

“Toxins are enzyme inhibitors, so they must be rapidly and continuously

removed with five Coffee Enemas EVERYDAY!”…

…And the knowledge just kept pouring out…

“All drugs are Liver Toxic! Healing is the act of restoring the essential organs back to normal function.”

By this definition, alone, each and every time you take ANY kind of drug…you are NOT participating in the “healing” process of your body because all drugs are toxic to the liver, which is definitely one of the essential organs! As Charlotte so well stated in her lecture,

“You cannot HEAL with POISONS!”

Yet, our trusted physicians continue to recommend Chemotherapy, which, by definition, can NEVER “heal” YOU! Why is that?…Charlotte EVEN answers THAT question! I knew that the Pharmaceutical Industry controlled the Medical Industry, but I didn’t know that in California (and Charlotte says that other states are following suit) there is a LAW that says any licensed medical doctor who treats a patient for cancer without the use of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery will lose his/her medical license and be fined $10,000! Is it ANY wonder why those are the ONLY FORMS OF TREATMENT OUR DOCTORS OFFER!!!! Their hands are literally tied! So, WE must take full responsibility for OUR OWN HEALTH, or join the multitudes of people in cemeteries across the country today, who chose to follow their “trusted” doctors recommendations!

Needless to say, the information shared by Charlotte Gerson at the Therapy Workshop is invaluable, and I am thrilled to be able to invite YOU to view the entire lecture series, which will surely change your life! Please, come and have great fun with me learning how to GET WELL and STAY WELL!