Cell Phone Tracking Online is the latest in technological advances that threatens the most fundamental of human rights, the right of privacy. It is amazing that we are surrounded by gizmos and devices which make our presence so known to others without our knowledge, for instance a computer can get you tracked by IP address and MAC address. This is the easiest of and most effective way of tracking the whereabouts of a person. In cell phone tracking an exact location cannot be located but an area of small radius where that person can be is easily deduced. The cell tracking is simple because it is easy to use the mobile phone signal towers that help in performing telephonic conversation, at any time the cell phone is in constant touch with a particular tower to receive the signal of network. Increase in number of towers in a limited geographical area due to number of users makes it easier to track a particular cell phone, as now a cell phone is visible with several towers and a triangulation can be done on the cell phone. There are several ways how a phone can be tracked and they are:

  • Network Based Method: The network infrastructure of the service provider is used to identify the location of the handset or cell phone. This is easier to implement and to use as there is no reason to affect the handset.
  • Handset Based Method: Under this method there are software’s installed on the handset which help in determination of its location. The disadvantage is that you need to install additional software in the handset.
  • SIM Based Method: This is another method which does not interfere with handset but checks on signal received by the SIM and the round time for to and fro signal sending helps lock on a location for the handset.
  • Hybrid Method: Most recently released, it is called hybrid as it uses feature of handset; the GPS module and Internet; as GPS satellite, to provide a lock on handset’s location.

As the new technology is unveiled there is always call for head as there is certain section which criticize the change, but for a moment if we think of the functions that it will help with, we would immediately love the technology. We can use the same to track lost people or criminals and also can keep a close eye on our loved ones including adolescence children etc, without infringing their privacy.

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