Rising cell phone bills are a matter of concern for almost all of us. Often in their circle of friends or in the office, people do find someone who proudly claims that he has never faced the problem of very high bills for his cell phone. And people are often wondering as to how he is able to save on his mobile bills while they cannot. Well, there is no magic wand that he uses! With a few simple tricks even you can save a magical amount on your cell phone bill, month after month. After a little bit of research, I have found that people can save on their bills by trying out some of the ‘tricks’ given below:

1. Select your carrier company after proper research – It’s not rare to come across people who complain that after they had tied themselves down to a particular carrier company, they learned that the service provider is known to fleece its customers. Go for the carrier company which has the most economical plans to go with your usage pattern. Don’t get stuck with a carrier company which refuses to reduce your monthly service charges even after you have paid off your subsidized phone.

2. Use wireless services judiciously – Excessive downloading of music and videos pushes up your cell phone bill.

3. High Roaming Charges -Be careful if you are using your mobile phone while on roaming.

4. Continue using your landline phone – Contrary to what many people believe, you actually save if you continue with your landline phone at home and opt to use it for making calls while at home.

5. Change the plan or the service provider – Analyze your usage data for the last 6 to 12 months and quickly change your plan or carrier, if necessary. Explore the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) and Family Mobile Plan options with the new company.

6. Cut the extras – Check if you are being charged for services like visual voice mail, GPS, mobile insurance or roadside assistance which you may never use.

7. Go for ‘prepaid’ – Prepaid is no more looked down upon or considered a poor man’s option. Consider opting for this, if possible.

8. Stay off the phone while driving – Take a decision in the interest of safe driving and enjoy the benefits in the form of a reduced cell phone bill.

9. Turn off the mobile data once you reach home – Use WiFi while at home.

Have joyous savings on your cell phone bills!