Mobile phones and hard drives have made our lives very convenient with high storage spaces. Most of us keep our important data in mobile phones or hard drives. But we at times, forget that they have data loss risks. Any physical or logical damage to the device may result in data loss. You should look for professional data recovery services in such a case. Opening the hard drive or mobile

A couple of years ago you had to spend a good amount of bucks to buy a gaming laptop that is powerful enough for just 1080p gaming. And if you were fortunate you’ll get it at 60 frames per second. With the latest 10th-generation H-Series processors and Nvidia GTX graphics coming onto the mobile, things have changed today. Better so far, AMD offers the portable gaming space much more affordable

Every gamer wishes to have a Hi-tec desktop for a smooth gaming experience. There are so many brands out there that have introduced gaming desktops. Asus is one of those top brands. It has introduced some top class gaming desktops like ROG Huracan G-21, ROG Strix GL10CS, ROG GR8 II, ROG Strix GA15 (G15DH), ROG Strix GA35 (G35DX). Equipped with advanced components, the latest generation processor and graphics card these

Mobile phones are very valuable assets. Any model loses its value as soon as a new model with more features is introduced in the market. People sometimes throw old phones into the drawer and buy the brand-new model. Instead of storing the old models in the drawer, you should trade in your mobile phone in Singapore. It is an excellent option to get yourself some cash that you can invest

The keyboard is an integral part of our laptops, without a working keyboard our device lacks utility. This problem becomes significant enough as we can’t simply swap our laptop keyboards as we can do with our computers. The key mantra to go by is to avoid such situations by taking device maintenance seriously. Sometimes these issues can be ugly enough to test our sanity. But if it has stopped working,

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