Deleting a text message by mistake (or out of anger) can really come back to bite you later. Whether it had sentimental value or some important information you really needed you can either take a guess at what it said or have a go at retrieving the deleted text message. So is it possible?

Well, yes. It is possible to recover a deleted text message but it’s not guaranteed and it can really depend on the model of your phone and how comfortable you are with working with computers. I can’t give detailed examples of how to recover text messages on every single phone in just one article but I can certainly give you a few pointers on where you can start.

First of all the more you use your phone the smaller the chance is of you restoring the deleted message. Every new message you get, send or website you load has a chance of overwriting the deleted message. Your phone won’t overwrite a normal message when you do things like this but once a message is marked deleted then it’s no holds barred and that spot of memory is free for anything to use. And the second that happens you won’t be able to restore your message. So turn it off or at least use it as little as possible.

Secondly don’t get suckered in to buying some apps or hardware without doing your research first. A lot of people are happy to sell you something to recover deleted text messages but it turns out to be a SIM reader – when most phones don’t save messages on SIM cards anymore – or a backup/restore tool which would have required you to actually have made a backup in the first place. Keep your calm and only pay for something if you know it’ll actually get the job done.

Now you’re going to need to identify your phone type – at least narrow it down to a brand. I can tell you about some of the more specific ones:

1) Apple iPhone. You’ll have it easy. There’s a bunch of easy tools and techniques for restoring deleted text messages from an iPhone and they can keep deleted messages in their memory for a long time.

2) BlackBerry. BlackBerry actually keeps deleted texts stored in cache so don’t turn off or reset your phone! There’s some really easy ways of accessing the cache and a few more techniques you can try.

3) Google Android. Oh dear. There are a few techniques and things you can do to restore deleted texts on Android but it’s probably the hardest out there and has the least chance of recovery.

Obviously there are hundreds of other models out there and some are going to be easier than others. It basically comes down to getting access to the memory of the phone and recovering the information before the phone has a chance to overwrite it.

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