The answer to your question, to cut the story is – yes. You can absolutely locate someone by mobile phone. Not so long ago, tracking people with Global Positioning System technology required buying expensive software and hardware. Now, complete solutions are available through cellular service providers. Today, anyone can trace a cell phone location. Significant steps have recently been made in the technology that is constructed to follow mobile phone location. And that was stimulated by the demand for enhanced 911 (e911) emergency calling capabilities , and some events, especially the events of September 11, 2001. Technological discoveries and innovations which have happened since include the integration of GPS technology in almost every mobile phone, and an improved capacity to identify a cell’s location based on roaming signals from the closest antenna tower.

There are so many reasons why you might track down mobile phone location. Maybe your phone has been stolen, and you want to get a hold of it. You may want to keep track of your kids for their own safety. Maybe you are trying to find hospitals, stores or police department nearby. Companies often use these type of services when they have their own employees working out, on the field, to take care of their security in cases of emergencies. It is impossible to list all the reasons for tracing down a cell location.

If you have asked ten years ago the question: Can I locate someone by mobile phone? The answer would be to buy the equipment yourself, and still the rules of using that same equipment was very much regulated by the police. Telecommunication companies track the current position of the mobile phone. The cell phone does not have to be steady, it can be mobile, the person could be travelling, and they can still trace the location. That information is actually the same information that police is using while solving all kinds of

All cell phone is always sending a message to the closest tower. This is called a ping. Mobile phone tracking technology can locate the last tower your cell phone pinged to and the nearby tower of the next level of signal strength to it. By using sophisticated triangulation algorithms, the technology can calculate how far you are from each of those towers. Then a triangle is being created between those two towers. And the third point is your cell phone. The accuracy of this type of location may vary from a few hundred yards to several miles depending on distance from cell towers and propagation variables. Newer mobile phones equipped with GPS can determine your phone’s location to within a few feet.

The answer is an online cell phone site where you can find not track down anyone but also get punctual and the newest addresses, every number they own, marital status, property information, criminal background and so on. We’re talking of a complete background check. You can do a preliminary search just to see if they have the information on the person you are looking for.

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