What is a Torx Screwdriver

My first use for a Torx screwdriver was in repairing my Compaq laptop. I had to go out to my local big box supply store and buy a set of Torx screwdrivers. I have since found them useful in home, auto and other electronic device repairs.

Maybe you have a Wii or cell phone that needs to be fixed. I have even seen kids toys that needed a Torx bit just to install the batteries. I am also sure you have seen these before, being used as a type of tamper proof screw head.

Back to my computer repair, there were only two sizes that were needed – a T6 and a T8. You are not going to get your cell or laptop open, without damaging it, without these tools.

If you do any type of electronics repair it makes sense to get a set before you need them, like on Sunday evening when the stores are closed. Since the screws come in many sizes it makes sense to get a set of tools. Either a set of Torx bits or a full set of screwdrivers.

If you have seen videos of Dell’s assembly line for computers you’ll notice the screwdriver hanging by cords at each station. These electric drivers with torx bits securely fit on the Torx screws allowing for a faster and more efficient assembly.

They “lock” onto the screw head much more securely than a Phillips screwdriver – and like a Phillips head you do need a different size bit for each size screw head – similar to an Allen wrench.

Torx Screwdriver Sets

Torx Screwdrivers are great for not only electronics repair but also good for giving your computer or game console a good house cleaning. Have you ever seen the clumps of dust and fuzz that build up inside most electronic gear, especially those with fans for air circulation.

By doing a routine cleaning you can prevent your game box from frying itself due to heat stroke. Getting a set of these screwdrivers is well worth it since you never know exactly what size of screw you might encounter.

The set I bought has about five of the most common sizes of screwdrivers. The tool sets are available in many sizes but the most common sizes are T5 through T10. They also retail for about fifteen dollars, which is not bad, for a specialty tool set.

Torx Bolts

A torx bolt is something new to me but if you do a lot of work on electronic equipment you are sure to run into some, and you are going to need a special Torx socket to remove it properly.

You can buy a single Torx socket, but the more economical choice would be to buy a Torx socket set. That way you will be able to use them on all of your gear.

You can find these tool sets in most electronics stores and most hardware stores. You can find the widest selection and best prices on the Internet. Your best bet is to buy them before you need them. If you buy a set with a wide ranges of sizes you should be all set when the time comes.

Torx Bits

If you are trying to do electronic repair such as cell phones, cameras, laptops you are going to need a special tool set.

Almost every piece of electronic equipment uses Torx screws. Each piece of equipment can use two or three different Torx screw sizes, so you will need a tool set with multiple sizes.

The best buy could be getting a Torx screwdriver with interchangeable bits or tips. These usually come with a range of Torx bit sizes that should fit all of the Torx screw sizes that you will run into. These, as with all tools, come in different qualities. Don’t go to the cheapest sets as these will not hold up if you are doing all a lot of assembly work.