Apple iPhone aficionados will find excitement trying the new Poddities Carabiner to keep the iPhone close at hand. Keeping one’s iPhone close and guarded is vital in today’s mobile phone reliant environment. Finding a way to attach the iPhone to one’s person has its challenges. An oversized belt clip equals geek. An arm band denotes a lack of finesse. Stretching ones pocket only to show a bulge is simply not acceptable. How do I carry my iPhone 4S? I now clip it where ever I can near my hand’s reach. I have clipped the carabiner to my belt loop. I have attached it to my briefcase’s strap. When I carry my purse, I have attached the carabiner to the interior key clip. Anywhere I can find a secured bit of real estate on my outfit or my bag of belongings, that is where my Poddities Carabiner will ride.

Installation was easy. A well crafted and padded micro Phillips screwdriver and a pair of matching sized screws. At the base of the iPhone, near the input for charging the iPhone, are two screws. Remove the factory installed screws. Align the carabiner metal faceplate to match the iPhone openings created from removing the original screws. Use the enclosed screwdriver and the two included screws, which are slightly longer than the factory installed screws, and tighten until flush. Once secure and flush with the faceplate, clip the iPhone carabiner securely with confidence.

I am finally able to chuck the clunky protective cases I’ve used since I purchased each iPhone since the inception five years ago. It is worth mentioning the importance of clipping the carabiner onto something solid in order to protect the iPhone. One week of using my Poddities Carabiner from Amazon has been a complete success.

It is well worth noting how I use my carabiner clip that my iPhone is not perfectly protected. However, I have not experienced protection issues or problems. If I had my iPhone clipped to my belt loop and I turned quickly, I suspect I might swing the iPhone into a hard surface and possibly crack the iPhone’s exterior. As well as if I felt I had clipped the carabiner and somehow missed securing the clip correctly and released it from my grip, I can see how the iPhone may drop to the ground. Thus, I have not experienced any snafus in attaching the carabiner securely to a place on my garments or satchels. Five years since my first iPhone, the Poddities carabiner is my favorite mode of transporting the iPhone.