A good home recording studio should have a good audio device. The audio interface is a piece of equipment that handles the audio input and output from your computer. Contrary to common belief, a USB audio interface is not a sound card but rather much more than that; its proliferation is actually one of the best thing to happen to the industry of music technology. This simple device provides the best benefits that professional recording companies have been enjoying for a longest time but without the price that could very well match your second mortgage. Simply put, using this audio interface is the most affordable way to enjoy music recording.

A USB audio interface is a device that allows a computer with a sound card but with no audio socket, to be connected to external equipment through the USB socket. The specification of the USB characterizes a standard interface allowing the USB audio device with a single driver to work properly with the different USB sound gadgets and interfaces available on the market.

Many people are concerned about certain factors when taking into consideration using this type of audio device; the quality of the sound and the availability of the channels. A high speed USB audio interface is a better choice than a Firewire interface if you will be doing one or two channels at a single period of time and not more than that. That means that the number of available channels is limited by the USB device.

Audio quality on the other hand is affected by the kind and use of microphones and by the intensity of the signal of the audio. If the auditory signal is at the right level, USB audio devices do not have to do much to alter the sound of the audio; this means that the signal is plainly translated from analog signal to digital.


Generally, these audio devices are available in 2 categories the stereo and the multichannel devices and they are available in professional and consumer versions. And most are compatible with USB 1.0 as well as with USB 2.0, which makes it easy to get the device working with any computer produced within the last five years. This device connects to your computer with the use of an average USB connector and to the audio device with any kind of connectors.


These audio devices range from 3 x 1 inch and up and the sizes differ because of the variety and availability of the connectors that can be used. For a smaller USB device, a 1/8-inch port input with a 1/8-inch port output is ideal.

There are certainly many advantages in using USB audio interface and one such advantage is that it can be powered up by the USB port, which allows the device to be equally useful for laptops. One of the best benefits and the main reason why it is the most patronized audio interface is because it is highly affordable in comparison with a PCI-based sound interface. It can provide high quality audio recording result without ripping you off.

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