With the growth of technology, organizations have been forced to invest in IT equipment and infrastructure. However, a challenge develops when computers breakdown and a technician’s services are required. Most organizations that outsource IT based services prefer that in case of such eventualities a technician works on their broken computers on-site while others prefer taking the equipment to the computer shop.

Here are some benefits of on-site computer repairs versus repair shops. Convenience and time saving – On-site computer repairs saves you on the time you would spend traveling and trying to locate the best computer repair shop. This means you spend ample time on your work without the inconvenience of going to a repair shop. Data safety – by having a technician work on your computer on-site you are able to monitor how the technician is handling your machine and more so your very important data, while on the other hand if you were to take your computer to a repair shop you risk leaking out your company data while it is in their possession. At times, a client might assume the problem is with a specific computer, but having a computer technician on-site, he or she is able to help your organization troubleshoot further which is an added advantage. In this case the computer problem might be related to, say the network hardware, router settings, network cabling, internet connection, or something else. User tutoring – having a computer technician on-site you will rest assured that the users of the computer will be tutored on simple troubleshooting, proper use of various programs, maintaining data backups, as well as other important tasks.

No waiting – Most people that have brought their computers to repair shops can attest to the fact that time is not on their side. Generally, computer shops’ turn around times are poor, usually 3 or more days. With on-site repair, the same job that may take days to complete at a repair shop, may take only an hour or two. This eliminates downtime and extra hassle.

In summary, it is more beneficial to engage the services of an on-site technician over an off-site repair shop because it is convenient and saves time; ensures data safety; user tutoring and solving of other hardware or network problems. However, an off-site computer repair shop might come in handy depending on the magnitude of the computer problem and the cost implications involved.

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