There are many social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and fits in this category. A lot of social networking goes on among people; especially friends, families, school or any social groups, interest and activity groups who share common views and interests. Now Friendster boasts of over 110 millions who use it to interact with one another on the internet, making it one of the leading social networking outfits.

Social networking forums like Friendster can actually be beneficial to web marketers if it is used well to enable people promote relationships. It is recommended that if you want to always be on the Friendster, try to promote products or sites and issues that are popular with other members. You need to be frank and down to earth, in order to reap the full benefits of being on this social network forum.

To benefit more on the Friendster, try the following useful ideas.

Be real- Do not try to fake it on this forum, just talk frankly about your exploits and disappointments.

Chat- The Chat section will enable you to talk about topics of interest, sharing your views freely with those present online through Just picture yourself chatting to thousands of friends in one chat room, and see what a goldmine this can be to those who want to improve their social relationships.

Avoid selling- Suffice it to say that this is a social network forum and not a trading link. You will only succeed if you stick to the issues and products that other members take interest in.

Be helpful and friendly- Allow others to say their bit and then add your own views in order to promote the general good and help others achieve their goals.

Remain invested- It takes pretty hard work and long periods to build a fan base. Just having a small fraction visiting regularly will send traffic flowing in to your website little by little so keep on working hard at it. You will see the traffic increasing in your website, with the more trust people have in you and it will take time. Eventually this will translate into a higher conversion rates for those products you sell.