Printer and Printers are essential computer peripherals. The models available today are easy to install and use. If you have a printing unit at home or in your office, just follow these simple printer usage guidelines and optimize the performance of your printers.

  • Always remember, a black and white print should be taken out using a black printer cartridge. Colored cartridges also give excellent print but they result in faster depletion of the cartridge ink.
  • If not printing a whole document, always select the portion that needs to be printed. This can be done by copying the content that needs to be printed to a separate word document, which can then be printed. In case you need to print a few consecutive pages from a huge document, mention the page range in the Print dialog box before giving the print command.
  • The printer paper used for printing should always be in good condition. Using folded or damp paper may result in jams. Also make sure that the printer is set to the right mode according to the type of paper being used. This brings a lot of difference in the print quality.
  • If for some reason the print job given to the unit is not completed, it remains there in the queue. This document will start printing as soon as the unit is turned on again. However, if there are a lot of print commands pending in your printing unit, it may cause the unit to jam. To solve the problem, click on Start – Printer and Faxes – now double click the printer icon shown to open the print queue. This will display all documents waiting for print. Simply right-click on the document that needs to be canceled and cancel the print command.
  • There are times when the printer switches itself to off-line. To bring the printer back to use, go to Start and click on Printers & Faxes. The printer will now be at display. For example, if you are using Epson Printer and Printers, the printer icon on the page will mention the printer name. Now right-click on this Epson Printer and Printers icon and from the menu that appears, select ‘Set as Default’. Close all windows and continue printing.