Mobile barcode printers are being used by many leading companies in a whole host diverse industries. Efficiency and cost savings benefits are prime drivers behind their use. Being able to print when and where the actual need arises is very powerful and cost-effective.

This article gives you some ideas as to how these printers are currently being used and what benefits can be realized. The specifics of your operation are going to be unique, but you’ll see that there are real advantages:


Most companies already use desktop thermal transfer barcode printers in their operations. These printers generate labels which stay legible and can be effectively scanned for long time spans. These durable labels can be applied to items that have lengthy storage times, are exposed to harsh environments or chemicals or are shipped and transferred through long supply chains.

It’s now possible to “mobilize” the benefits of fixed-location thermal transfer printers to print labels precisely when and where they need to be applied. The ability to print labels on the spot improves worker productivity by reducing travel time to and from a fixed location printer. Also, accuracy is improved by making sure the correct label is applied to each item as needed.

Examples of Typical Industry Use

Warehouse and Manufacturing Use:

  • Receiving – label inventory
  • Shipping – labels items on-the-spot as they are picked
  • Asset tracking and management

Transportation and Logistics Use:

  • Shipping Dock – generate and apply shipping labels at the point of activity
  • Cross-docking
  • Container labeling – including large or difficult to move items

Field Service / Mobile Workforce Use:

Many important work functions require workers to spend most of their time outside the four wall of a fixed business location. Handheld mobile computers and printers allow field personnel to print on site and on demand. This improves efficiency and data accuracy. Mobile workers can get the job done in the field wherever and whenever it’s needed. Efficiency, productivity and improved customer service are a few of the very real benefits.

  • Service history labels applied at remote sites
  • General labeling outside of plant
  • Asset tagging – label company equipment, tools, vehicles and assets.

You can see that mobile barcode printers are an important and valuable tool for business today. Review your current operation and contemplate whether adding mobile capabilities can be of benefit now or in the future. Perhaps it’s time to consider adding wireless capabilities to other parts of your operation as well.