Buying an all-new Apple iPad is not everyone’s cup of tea. If one manages to buy it somehow, spending on the repair work would really be a headache. Every gadget needs a small or bigger repair once or more in its lifetime. The repair prices vary from brand to brand. If we talk about Apple iPad repair, it’s quite expensive.

A small crack on screen generally won’t be an obstacle in operating an iPad smoothly. But if it slips down on a concrete hard floor, you might need to look for Apple iPad screen replacement services around you. However, Apple offers one year of warranty but that doesn’t cover any accidental damage. So be prepared to spend from your own pocket unless your iPad’s screen has a hairline crack due to defective glass and no visible indication of drop effects.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting Apple iPad screen replacement services with experts in Singapore.

Ipad screen replacement

The store from where you’ve purchased the iPad

Going to the store from where you’ve bought the iPad would be the second thing you do, checking its warranty is the first. Yes, you should check if your iPad is still under warranty period or not. Also, check the warranty card or bills for the terms and conditions of the warranty policy. If it includes the screen repair or replacement, you can you don’t need to wander here and there. You can go to the shop and drop the iPad for repair from where you’ve purchased it.

Turn towards Apple to fix the problem

The iPad screen replacement, however, is not covered in the warranty provided by Apple. But you can get it done if you have AppleCare. It is an extended warranty service for a duration of 90 days to two years that covers two accidental damages. It is available upon purchase of any Apple product, but you can also buy it within 60 days after purchase. You can reach to the Apple support for more details. Apple also provides mailing service. If you don’t have enough time to get to an Apple store, You can mail your iPad and for that Apple charges a few bucks.

Head towards the third-party

There are numerous other places to get your iPad repaired. But choosing a non-Apple repair shop if your iPad is still under warranty, will void it. And yes, Apple could tell if your iPad has been opened by a non-Apple employee. But it will be counted as out of warranty. There are a number of Apple third-party repair shops that can fix the broken screen on your iPad.

Before handing over your iPad for repair to a non-Apple repair store, be sure about a few things;

  • How much does the repair cost?
  • How long does that take?
  • What kind of warranty would you offer?
  • Where did they get their spare parts from?

Getting services from a third-party will void your warranty, so be sure that you have doubts. Afterall all you want is a crack-free screen that is smooth to operate.

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