There are definite advantages to using an integrated service router. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to buy any extra hardware to handle different functions. This gives you better control on the network, plus better security. For example, setting up a firewall on an integrated service router eliminates setting up of a separate firewall server, or enabling the DHCP services eliminates the usage of a computer as a DHCP server. In addition, you can manage a wired and wireless network with an integrated service router.

Ideally, an integrated service will also do encryption and decryption, which adds an additional level of security to your network. Another advantage of an integrated service router is that you can have a cable modem and a DSL input or you can have multiple input channels. A DSL channel can be dedicated to incoming traffic and another for streaming outgoing traffic.

Usage of an integrated service router makes sense if you have a large network or you are connecting multiple networks on it. If a firm has a local area network, a wide area network, and internet connections, an integrated service router will make sense to suit their requirements. Alternatively, it will be appropriate where you have a network depending on the internet and you want to control and protect your internal network from hackers and viruses.

Turning on the firewall services adds a layer of protection for your network. In addition, you don’t need to install policies on your network clients, as the router will not allow a client access to an unauthorized site. What an integrated services router provides to a small or medium sized business is seamless connectivity to the internet.

The integrated services router provides a number of services that in a traditional network environment would have required extra hardware. Computers, IP phones all share a single secure network by using an integrated services router. Therefore, at a small price, a firm can get multiple services from a single box.

This also makes managing a network much easier. The integrated services router sets up multiple dedicated channels to provide seamless connectivity. Therefore, the local area network can have a variety of devices on it using both wired and wireless connections and communicate within the network and to external networks. Network administrators are aware of the problems faced in setting up multiple device networks and supporting them.

Assigning IP addresses, maintaining firewalls and providing high-speed network connectivity and security used to be a nightmare. If any device went down, the entire network would be disrupted. For smaller organisations, network management has traditionally been a problem. However, now with the integrated services router, these problems have been eliminated. Future loads on the network of any organisation regardless of the size are going to increase.

Therefore, the dependency on a trouble-free network is also going to increase. Therefore most firms will want to invest now in the future rather then be left behind. In addition, the dependency on different pieces of hardware, and their up gradation and maintenance has to reduce. Integrated service routers make networks more resilient and dependable.

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