Planning a Family Reunion at the last minute is certainly not ideal. But it is doable. With some creativity and flexibility, you can make it as though the reunion had been in the works all year. First thing to remember: keep it simple. Here are seven last minute ideas for planning a fabulous family reunion.

A Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have a way of producing priceless moments and lots of laughs that will certainly be remembered for some time. It is an inexpensive, easy and manageable way to make family bonds strong. They are usually good crowd-pleasers whether the crowd is five or 50.

Family Photo Sharing

Encourage everyone to bring family albums. People enjoy seeing themselves and others when they were younger. Bring a portable scanner and laptop for a big photo exchange. Perhaps even set up a photo booth with funny props like fake mustaches and chalkboard thought bubbles.

Tell stories

Sharing stories are what families do most at reunions. Why not make it an official event? Set aside a block of time where people get up and tell funny, silly, crazy and heartfelt stories about family members or themselves. The sharing gets older family members pleasantly nostalgic and younger members inspired.

Hold a tournament

Hold a family tournament of games. Those that haven’t seen each other in a while will have a reason to start conversation, and playful old sibling rivalries can be struck up again. Make sure there is something for all ages. Some go-to game options are horseshoes, pool-noodle jousting, bag races, and a beanbag toss.

Make it BYOF

Last minute means food catering is probably out the window. So make it potluck style so the chore of feeding everyone doesn’t fall on a few family members. Everyone can share favorite recipes. If weather permits, the event can be held at a park pavilion, nature preserve or lakeside where you often don’t need rental permits.

The Commonality Game

Create a list of characteristics from the number of children born in one family to hair color. When they find other family members who share the same characteristic, those items are checked off. Top prize goes to those able to check off the most characteristics in a certain time period. You may have family members with diverse interests so list some easy items, such as number of appendages, eye color or number of siblings, so that everyone has a chance to cross something off.

Head Out to an Amusement Park

All ages can get excited about hanging out for half a day or the whole day at an amusement park. What’s great about attending an amusement park is that many of them offer group discounts, which would certainly make the day affordable for everyone. Amusement Parks would work because it takes little planning. You just show up and have fun.

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