There are thousands of similar products on line in this fast developing society. You can see we have lived in e-commerce era, so more and more people would like to publish their products or books on line. Having a good “partner” would make you survive and succeed in fierce competition. What’s a good partner? Reducing costs and improving products awareness, even sharing with others easily.

We have found a good partner, it’s Flip PDF Professional which can convert PDF file and batch PDF files to flipbook in few minutes. It benefits us a lot. Now we would like to talk about the reasons to convert PDF to flipbook..

Whether you’re a publishing industry or an online shop, Flip PDF software will help you make more profits.

You might ask what is Flip PDF Professional software and how it can benefit you. Firstly, Flip PDF Professional is the most reasonable software to convert batch PDF files to flash media catalog with page flipping effect. You can create cool flip book in minutes without any professional programming skills.

Below are the main reasons that you use Flip PDF Professional to convert PDF to flipbook:

1) Flipbook with impressive animated media effects would attract more people: Turn batch PDF files to flipbook with page turning effect, background music, video, audio, flash, home page URL and watermark etc. Catalog and flipbook with these impressive animated media effects would stimulate customers’ interests.

2) Quick and easy convert batch PDF files into interactive flipbook: Maybe you don’t have enough time to creating product catalog for promotion when the deadline is coming soon. With Flip PDF Professional software enable you finish those jobs in few minutes. And the most important thing is that it’s easy to convert PDF file or batch PDF files to flash catalog without any special programming knowledge. Make your work more efficiently and enjoy more private time.

3) Make various publications to be viewed by more customers: HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP, mobile publications for readers. And the mobile publications can run on ipad, iphone and Android mobile devices so that more people can get information in more than one way.

4) Customized output appearance: Design flipping book interface with backgrounds, control button, navigation bar, and book page for better displaying. Outstanding output appearance would catch more customers’ eyes.

5) Google Analytics Integration: In the HTML output format, you can add statistics by using Google analytics. It allows you to integrate Google Analytics account ID in the publishing flipbook that helps you master the traffic of your online book easily. It’s the easiest way to improve marketing promotion.

6) Easy share on social networks: The Flip PDF Professional Software provides share button on interface toolbar.You and your flipbook viewers can easy click share button to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo, Diig and so on.

After reading these reasons, don’t you think Flip PDF Professional is a good partner?