As the mobile app trend continues to grow and captivate consumers, you might be asking yourself how you can dive into this medium. Maybe you have the perfect idea for an app or maybe you just know that you want one developed for your company. Either way, you’re going to need to pair up with a mobile app developer. But, with so many to choose from, where do you begin? Your needs will dictate what developer you should team up with, but you can ask yourself these questions to help you narrow down your options:

1. Do they have a strong portfolio? Mobile app development is just like any other professional service – you want to be assured they know what they are doing. If they do not have their portfolio published on their website, ask them what apps they have developed. Then check out the apps and their ratings in the app store and/or marketplace.

2. What is their testing process? Testing is a crucial part of app development. Many apps fail because they release their app prematurely. Not only will those that download your app stop using it, the chances are good that they will leave a negative comment which will hinder others from downloading it.

3. What’s the plan for updates? All successful apps release updates, whether it is to correct a bug or to introduce a new feature. Make sure this is covered in your agreement with the developer so you can easily update your app.

4. Are they technical experts? Is the developer capable of troubleshooting the bugs? How do they approach fixing bugs? If they aren’t able to proactively solve the issues you are going to want to find another developer. (You can gain some insight by looking at the customer reviews of other apps they have developed to see how timely they were in fixing bugs users found.)

5. Are they prompt? This is similar to the strong portfolio in that you probably should look for this in all your business relationships. It is particularly crucial to app development because your app may be faced with an urgent issue that needs to be addressed. For example, if you have a major bug just after the launch you’ll need it to be taken care of pronto to save the reputation of your app.

6. Do they offer marketing and promotional services? Promoting your app can make a big difference in its success. Not all developers will offer this service, but it can be very valuable when they do.

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