When the professor or teacher speaks, you have to remember what is said. That is usually done through notes. While all notes are, in a sense, good. Some notes are better than others in reference to usability in recalling what the teacher said.

In other words, some techniques in note taking and the use of them will lead to better recall and an overall improvement in grades.

What are these techniques?

I am glad you asked! Lets begin with the first tip.

  • Use colored pencils or colored pens when taking notes. – Using these tools will help because they will add another visual layer to your notes which will inevitably lead the note taker to be able to recall information easier. As you work, try using and experimenting with more colors. You might realize that some colors might help you a little bit more than others when it comes to recall. Also, it will help if you write primarily all of your notes in black and then embellish the more important parts with the use of colors.
  • Underline and Accentuate Items of Importance. – Being creative with this is a must. You have to find new and fun ways to really get you into your note taking. Use some fun shapes, double underline, or draw a star. These tidbits can encourage active note taking which make you more involved in the notes. Thus leading to better recall.
  • Draw Figures and Organize Information. – Next, you should try to use figures, graphs, charts, mind-maps, etc. to engage you further in your notes. Use them to build relationships between information and tie all of the data together comfortably. They also make it easier to take notes on things that can not be effortlessly conveyed with the use of words.
  • Clearly Write Your Notes – Messy notes sometimes signify that the information that was written down was not fully understood. Also, messy notes can make it very hard to study for mid-terms or finals.
  • Reread Your Notes Regularly. – The most time people open up their notes and study for exams is usually right before a test. Cramming 12 hours before a test is not the best way to go about studying. Going about studying this way is a good way to get gray hair early from stress. Instead look over your notes regularly at different times and at different days. Also if you are dedicated to doing spectacular in an exam, rewrite all of your notes in a separate notebook. This will engage you more and force you to review everything you have learned.


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