Classified AD posting websites are getting popular each day. eBay was a great example of this fact. In Pakistan, we can see two big websites promoting online selling. One example is the, and the other one is OLX has gained huge popularity among Pakistani people. My friends have been selling products via OLX for past few months. You can see many Television advertisements promoting OLX services. However, I do not think it is safe to buy or sell products on OLX.

I am not writing this article to hurt the reputation of this website. You have to start with a new mindset. You will be dealing with different people from all over the country. Many will ask you for the credit card information. Technology is good, but it is no doubt that people have used it for stealing personal information. OLX is just a platform for meeting with potential buyers. OLX does not guarantee successful business interaction.

It is true that you can buy products at a low cost, but buying at is safer. If you are going to buy laptops at OLX, it is better to follow these tips:

1. Contact the person via phone number.

Voice communication is better than sending text messages. I strongly recommend you to talk via phone. Please, be serious about this option. Only make a call if you have a genuine interest in the product. Do not waste time.

2. Try to find the nearest location possible. You will be communicating directly with the buyer/seller. It is better to buy from someone you already know. If you can meet the buyer/seller at a common place; it will be good. If offline meeting is not possible, chat via webcam.

3. If you are a buyer, checking the product is important but, it is more important to check the buyer reputation. It is better to buy from companies, instead of sole owners.

4. Get the official CNIC card. Decide a portion of payment to be made before the product arrives. In Pakistan, people prefer the cash-on-delivery method. This method is valid for companies but, it becomes risky for individuals. Trusting the buyer is a difficult thing. OLX should create a payment system to secure buyers and sellers. Right now, this option is not available. Just make sure, that you have collected the necessary information.

5. Only sell used stuff. Be willing to accept lots of low prices bids. People will ask you to decrease the rate by 80%.

What is your experience at OLX? Many users report smooth transactions on OLX. However, we have also seen some frauds over past few months. I would like to know your reviews about the OLX.

Some users reported that OLX is pretty similar to eBay. It is a good way to earn some money. We all have useless (good) stuff in our homes which can be worth few hundred dollars. In my experience, furniture and kitchen items can be easily sold at OLX.

You can sell your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to local shops. These people are trustworthy. It is a good idea to sell to the local shops via OLX. You can get complete contact details in the local address directories. You can meet the buyer/seller directly. OLX is based on this concept. Pakistani users do not use eBay. The OLX mission is to connect you directly with the buyer/seller. Use this opportunity wisely, and you can find the right person.

The average price of a new laptop is less than 500$. If you are going to buy/sell a used laptop, it should be priced below $250. I hope that these tips will help you. Thanks.

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