The use of Chatbots has totally impacted on several industries in Singapore in terms of improved customer service and relations to generating leads and sales all the same. Below are five industries that benefit the most from artificial intelligence Chatbots;

  1. Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality business has benefitted the most from the use of Chatbots in terms of excellent customer service and offering booking engines from the hotels, without having to call. Having the artificial intelligence to translate from one language to the other, Singapore is now becoming one of the most toured countries in the world as Chatbots lift the language barrier, allowing guests to communicate to the hotels and properties in their native language. We cannot forget to mention that humans are prone to error, for instance, a guest may call a customer agent and due to several factors, the call center agent may enter the wrong information thus inconveniencing the clients. However, Chatbots are able to record information as the client enters, becoming even more credible. The AI bots are also able to offer travel guide in client’s native language and thus becoming more credible. There are many advantages of using Chatbots in regards to the hospitality industry.

  1. E-commerce

Gone are the days when we all wanted to go out to shop. These days, we want to order products online and there is no better way for the retail industry to offer customer service than Chatbots. For instance, e-commerce businesses are using Facebook for business which is making it useful to incorporate Facebook Messenger Chatbots in their pages to help the users get better services and even purchase products from their page. This way, the retail industry in Singapore can report increased sales as well as analytics to help serve their clients better.

  1. Banking Industry

In the current state of the digital world, there is no time to line up in long queues in the bank for simple enquiries or transactions, especially for personal banking. Most people are busy in their workplaces but the banking industry in Singapore is making it all easy for us through Chatbots that act like customer service providers. The AI Chatbots are becoming more popular in the finance industry especially because of the rise of internet banking. Customers are able to receive uninterrupted customer service while the bank is able to measure customer feedback and also deliver personalized marketing to the customers.

  1. Service delivery Industry

This is another industry that is benefiting from the use of Chatbots in the business industry. Service industries require 24-hour availability as their clients might require assistance at any time of the day. For instance, the internet service providers in Singapore are finding the use of Chatbots more advantageous due to their ability to converse with customers and provide solutions to simple queries without having to jam the phone lines through calls. The Chatbots are designed in a way that they remember the frequently asked questions and the company is able to produce content tailored to resolving those cases.  This ensures customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, for any operational business, it is important to have a Chatbot that will assist in the above discussed ways. After all, every business is dependent on the customer satisfaction and feedback. Chatbots will help provide excellent customer service while at the same time help you improve your business in regards to what the consumer needs.