Laptops are one of our most precious electronic devices that allow you to work, play and whole lot of things. Cheap Laptops should be handled with utmost care. Sometimes, water damaged laptop may still switch on without showing any issues of malfunction; however, you should not start your laptop if you are sure that the internal parts have not dried yet. If you try to start a wet laptop, the internal components of the system will be damaged considerably when electric current passes through them. Water damaged laptop can be hazardous as there is a huge risk of shorting of the battery. Here are the steps you need to take if your laptop has been damaged by water or any other liquid:

1. Most people use their Cheap laptops by connecting to the wall socket. If the laptop is water damaged, you must immediately unplug the laptop from the wall socket and remove the internal battery as quickly as possible. You can remove the battery by releasing the battery lock and then remove the battery as per the directions shown on the back of your laptop. Make sure you unplug the connection to the wall socket before you remove the battery.

2. Unplug all the devices that are connected to the system. Get a cloth and start carefully wiping all the wet parts of the laptop. Soak up all the remaining liquid.

3. If cheap laptops are out of warranty, you can disassemble parts like the RAM, the display screen, the hard drive, etc after checking out the information about disassembling the components through the manufacturer’s website. Dry each and every part that you have removed by means of a dry cloth gently or you can keep them under the fan.

Do not dry any of the parts of the system under the sunlight. You can also make use of a blow dryer (low setting) to dry the parts. After all the parts have dried, you can reassemble it. If you are not sure about disassembling and reassembling the parts of the laptop, you can keep the laptop in a big container containing uncooked rice because rice has the affinity of soaking water efficiently. If you are still unsure about these steps, you can skip this step and go to the next one.

4. You need to keep the laptop turned off for at least 72 hours with the battery removed from the battery socket. During this time, you can keep the system under the fan for drying. If you have a blow dryer on a low setting, make use of it to dry the wet areas of the laptop.

5. After you have found that the laptop has dried completely, you can try booting up your laptop after placing the battery back into the system.

If your computer does not start even after performing the above steps, you may wait for more days to give it a chance to dry and then try again to boot up. If this fails, you need to contact your computer’s technical support for further assistance.

Quick action is very important if you have spilt water or any other liquid on the laptop because the internal components of the system may corrode. Although laptops come with service warranty, most manufacturers do not cover against spills. Whilst buying laptops, you may go for spill proof ones, they might cost you a few pounds more but it is better to go with such laptops rather than buying non-spill proof and get all sorts of problems when it becomes wet.

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