“Research shows if your child regularly plays games with plots based on violence and aggression, he is at risk for increased aggressive behavior. In addition, some games promote gender bias and irresponsible sexual behavior.”

Excessive video gaming is becoming rather normal in today’s society. Have you ever heard this “Don’t ever play computer/video games with your kids, they will beat you”? And that’s true because why would not they if they spend so many hours in front of computer practicing the game skill to become such a “junkie”.

Yes, every one of us is a gamer to a certain extent. However, when it comes to choosing between certain aspects of children’s development and video-gaming, I think loving and caring parents would dare hesitate here.

So let’s discuss four important aspects of kids’ development every parent should emphasize.

Physical development

Many of us can relate to this story; Oh, I am tired after work and do not have any energy left to go out and kick some football or play some stretch games with my kid.

Let’s put it this way. If you knew that this was your last day on earth would you spend this day with your kid playing some fun exercise games? You know the answer, don’t you? The point here is not to make you think that this is your last day but to wire your brain on how important it is to commit yourself to your kids’ physical development. The healthier your kid is growing now the happier you will be later, won’t you? So, invest in your kid by taking immediate actions. Use your imagination, go out and play out loud with your kid today, tomorrow or latest this weekend and on, yet regularly.

Social development

Rather than sitting in front of computer and playing a shooting game, I suggest that your kid(s) get a privilege of interacting with other kids. If they spend quality time at schools or kindergartens interacting with others, then this should not be a big issue for your kid. But if you see that your kid(s) is a socially close person, then you need to stress this aspect at the expense of video gaming time. Otherwise, as the research shows, the consequences may be negative.

Intellectual development

This is when you need to initiate a variety of learning activities. It is important not to force your child to intellectual activities but to develop an interest. You can stimulate your child intellectual growth by paying attention to his/her interests, consulting with a specialist and/or obtaining interesting books within that area. You may also purchase an interesting e-learning course on the Internet. Be aware that the course:

  • Must be fun;
  • Must teach or reinforce a certain skill (e.g. math, language etc.);
  • Should be competitive (e.g. a score should be awarded); and,
  • A winner should be nominated and some sort of award given.
  • Emotional development

    Allowing your kid unlimited hours at the computer may also result in escalating procrastination habits. Very often kids get caught in procrastinating things by getting through to a next stage trying to complete one more round and one more and one more.

    In this case, and not only, you need to be a mentor to your kids. Give them instructions. Show them the way. Provide incentives and rewards. Teach them what is right or otherwise according to your belief system. But remember to be objective and always take a responsibility for what you make your kid value most as that is the foundation they will be building their future upon.

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