The boom in technology has gifted us with numerous innovations-3G being one. 3G, which stands for third generation is an advanced mobile technology offering the best in mobile telephony. It’s the legatee of second generation digital communication systems. To be more precise, through 3G one enjoys the prowess of first generation analog and second generation digital communication systems alongwith some awe-inspiring functionalities. Almost all the latest high-end mobile phones are 3G enabled and hence offer unparalleled ‘mobiling’ experience. Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola-all are venturing into the innovative world of 3G with their launch of some of the highly appreciated mobile phones.

The world’s first commercialized 3G mobile communication service was launched on 1st October, 2001 in Japan by NTT DoCoMo. Since then there is no looking back-3G technology has grasped the entire world -all the major network providers operating across the globe have facilitated the consumers with this technology to let them enjoy unexplored territories. Right from Internet surfing to increased voice capacity, from higher-speed data rates to video streaming and TV signal receiving-everywhere its presence is felt.

Coupled with some more features like offering the advantage of making face-to-face video calls, receive and send large files, high speed Internet and email access, superb voice clarity, broadband data services like multimedia and videos, faster game downloads etc., 3G now has become a passion for technically sound life. But remember, to enjoy the advantages of 3G, you need to get a 3G enabled phone. 3G phones carry two cameras-one for video calling and the other for taking pictures and videos. Camera feature and resolution differ from company to company.

With 3G getting well established, 4G is all set get a ‘go’. Tagged as a collection of technologies and protocols like Wi-Fi and WiMAX, 4G is expected to run at speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Keep your fingers crossed till it makes it exploits.

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