Smartphones come with operating systems that make it possible for users to make calls, share photos, watch videos and even surf the web and send and receive texts. However, when you have too much data stored on your mobile phone you are most likely to end up with a slow phone. Apart from the data that can affect the performance of your phone, the battery and general condition of the phone can also affect performance. But fortunately, there is always something that you can do to ensure that your mobile phone remains in top performance.

Tip 1 – Keep your battery in top condition

One of the best ways to keep battery performance at peak is by keeping it fully charged. Smartphones do not have a very good reputation when it comes to battery life, but when you make a point of keeping your full, you will enjoy better performance. It is not advisable that you run your phone out of power because it damages ability to hold charge and this in turn affects performance.

Still on battery, ensure that you do not expose mobile phones to extreme temperatures because they can be damaging to the battery lowering storage capacity. The cooler the phone during use and when not in use then the longer the battery will last. You should also consider replacing your old battery once in a while or when you start experiencing charge issues to keep your phone reliably functional.

Tip 2 – Manage your data

Most of the data you have on your smartphone could be useful. If you do not want to delete try and get yourself memory management software. Most are free or come at very low costs and they will restore your phone’s memory by defragmenting hard drive or performing recovery. Defragmenting helps the operating system run faster and you will be able to use software to free up some memory. Other things you can do to manage your data and keep your phone in top condition as far as performance goes is by closing unused processes and apps. When you have several programs open and running at the same time, you will experience slow performance. Make a habit of closing those that you are not using currently if using one app or process at a time.

It also helps to clear browser cache and to delete cookies and programs or media that are no longer useful. Even though your smartphone can hold up so much information, ensure that only the most useful is stored to maintain good performance.

Tip 3 – Handle your phone with care

Smartphone screens can be very delicate yet they are what you largely rely on to operate your mobile phone. To avoid frustrating moments when the screen won’t respond to your touch, make sure that you always handle the phone with care. Avoid scratching it and get a phone cover that offer better grip to prevent falls that can be damaging to the screen and the phone as well. You should also keep your phone dry at all times.