A lot of people ask me this question, “how can I increase my PC/laptop memory RAM?” This led me to write this article. I will show you 3 killer ways to increase your computer memory RAM without spending a dime!

Machines requires RAM, it is a key component. The more RAM you have on your computer the quicker it will perform its tasks. However purchasing brand new memory RAM can get very expensive! Plus most motherboards have limited RAM slots (ranges from 2-4), which makes even more difficult to constantly increase your machine memory.

However there are 3 astonishing ways to increase your computer memory and speed, and the best part is that it will not even cost you a dime!

#1 Perform a disk defrag: what disk defrag will do is that it will rearrange all your files and folders like a library. This process can take several hours though, but they are all worth it! You see this assorting of files will really help your computer find date a lot quicker and easier. Which will ultimately speed up your computer and increase your memory RAM! How? Well it will not physically increase, I mean if you have 2Gig of RAM you will not end up with 3Gig, obviously! However what disk defrag will do is that it will free some your current RAM that was being in use, the RAM that was being wasted! Therefore you will end up “increasing your current RAM”.

#2 Close all the startup programs: these sort of programs start upon Windows initiation, they generally appear next to your digital clock (lower left corner). They consume a lot of processor and memory RAM. By closing them permanently you definitely increase your current RAM.

#3 Clean and maintain your System Registry: system registry is the heart of your computer; every single thing that you do is being track by your machine and recorded in the System Registry. Over time your System Registry gets cluttered with so much useless data that drastically consumes most of your computer RAM.

Let me explain: every time you start your computer and do changes on it, such as: installing new software, opening new or old software, changing the background image, everything single thing you do is being recorded on the System Registry. So you can imagine how much useless data is being recorded and consumed by your current RAM.

By cleaning and constantly maintaining your System Registry you will guarantee that you will get the maximum performance of your current RAM!

No matter how much RAM you upgrade to your machine, if you do not maintain your System Registry you will never ever get satisfied with your memory RAM.

So how do I clean and maintain my System Registry?

There are loads of registry cleaner softwares that do exactly that, they will seek and remove every single registry problem that is consuming your RAM. Plus they will automatically maintain your System Registry while you are busy doing other stuff.

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