Whether you, as a recruiter, are looking to hire PHP programmers or Android or iOS developers, your ultimate goal is to give that much needed cutting edge to your business that can help you thrive in this competitive market and maximize your return on investment. With the emergence of iPhone and iPad, the world has seen a revolution in the way smart devices are being operated. Every time an advanced version of iOS comes into the market, there is something new to talk about with regard to the user interface as well as the application development. We expect to see some amazing paradigm shifts this year giving rise to incredible applications that can give your business the required impetus. Let’s have a look at some of those trends.

1 – Swift to Rule the Roost

Along with iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV are also making inroads in the market and attracting plenty of attention among the millions of technology freaks out there. Swift, which is a multi-paradigm and compiled programming language and has been developed for iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS and Linux development is going to take over Objective C. Swift 2 is expected to be more user-friendly enabling the developers to focus more on the app under development than on the technology itself.

2 – Free Apps Versus Paid Apps

The iOS ecosystem in the yesteryears has been concentrating a lot on paid apps as compared to the Android ecosystem which relies hugely on free apps. There has been a remarkable increase in the demand for free apps while the trends also indicate a tremendous difference in downloads between free and paid apps. It is predicted this year that the free iOS apps are going to see an increase from 75% to 90%.

3 – Cloud Based Apps

Cloud based apps have been making it big recently owing to the numerous advantages that they offer to both the developers as well as the end-users. These apps are going to maintain their dominance this year as well because of the large decrease in size they bring into the apps as well as the advantages they offer in terms of multi-device syncing. Similarly, with the number of people relying on handheld devices increasing day by day, mobile commerce is going to see a great boom this year.

So, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to make use of the modern technology and get the attention of millions of customers out there, it is high time that you pay heed to these trends and start looking to make it big in terms of e-commerce and m-commerce.