We generally store data about every aspect of our life in our mobile phones. Be it videos, photos, messages, contacts, all are stored in the smartphones. Any physical or logical damage to the mobile phone may lead to data loss. In such a case you should seek quick professional mobile data recovery services in Singapore. PC Dreams can help you retrieve your lost data regardless of smartphone models and operating

Mobile phones are very valuable assets. Any model loses its value as soon as a new model with more features is introduced in the market. People sometimes throw old phones into the drawer and buy the brand-new model. Instead of storing the old models in the drawer, you should trade in your mobile phone in Singapore. It is an excellent option to get yourself some cash that you can invest

MacBook Pro is the ultimate device for creatives. Having problems with the screen might affect your work and frustrate you. Before it becomes too serious and demands a huge amount for repair, you need to find MacBook Pro screen fix solutions. Common MacBook screen problems that need a touch of professionals. 1. Cracks and dents on the screen The sleek design of MacBook Pro makes it the most desirable Apple

People love to work on their computers or laptop while sipping coffee or their favourite beverage. What if it spills down on the device you are using? Spillage of liquid on your MacBook Pro may cause serious damage to it. It’s not just the keyboard that would get affected but the battery, trackpad, display, logic board, microphone, camera, input ports/slots, speakers etc are some other parts that are at high

This pandemic has affected the world badly. It has forced the world to slow down by implying a lockdown. Educational Institutes and workplaces in Singapore are closed. However, some sectors providing essential services are still serving. During this lockdown, the students are attending online lectures from home. Many companies have also asked their employees to work from home. Whether it’s home-based learning or work from home, you obviously need a

Buying an all-new Apple iPad is not everyone’s cup of tea. If one manages to buy it somehow, spending on the repair work would really be a headache. Every gadget needs a small or bigger repair once or more in its lifetime. The repair prices vary from brand to brand. If we talk about Apple iPad repair, it’s quite expensive. A small crack on screen generally won’t be an obstacle

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