Members of the Amazon Partner Network can be either APN Consulting Partner or APN Technology Partner. APN Consulting Partners help customers design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and application on Amazon Web Services. Since Amazon Consulting Partners cover a lot of stuff, there is a division of jobs onto System Integrators, Strategic Consultancies, Agencies, Managed Service Providers and Value-Added Resellers. On the journey of becoming Premier Partner every

Microsoft firstly introduced Surface six years ago and that was their first major initiative to integrate its Windows operating system with its own hardware. As it was first PC designed by Microsoft, it was distributed solely by them. Year later, second line of Surface, this time it was based on the Intel architecture, was available under name Surface Pro. Pricing for Surface Pro was comparable to ultrabooks released around that

Virtually all customer interaction today occurs on the phone, which is not the most effective way for brands to interact with customers or the customer’s preferred mode of communication. Waiting times on the phone can be frustrating, email can be spammed, and the consistency of person to person communication cannot be guaranteed. As an alternative, an increasing number of brands are embracing chatbots via Facebook Messenger to enhance the client’s

The use of Chatbots has totally impacted on several industries in Singapore in terms of improved customer service and relations to generating leads and sales all the same. Below are five industries that benefit the most from artificial intelligence Chatbots; Travel and Hospitality Travel and hospitality business has benefitted the most from the use of Chatbots in terms of excellent customer service and offering booking engines from the hotels, without

Chatbots have been a buzz in the recent world of online business with their ability to provide automated conversations with potential customers. They are especially more beneficial to small business owners who need to ease the workload of handling customer service and improving customer relationships. Below is a list of some of the advantages of using Chatbots for business; Helps in gaining insights As much as we may talk of

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