Rollover is when we switch from trading the contract that expires in the current month, to a contract that expires in a future month. Rollover for futures trading can occur each month, and/or quarterly. With all of the different exchanges available to trade off these days (CME,NYMEX,EUREX), it is easy to get confused when trying to determine when contract rollover will actually occur. In this article I will share with

Disclaimer: First of all backup your system before launching you in any hazardous operation, some of the operations to come can cause data loss. Any modification and/or damage done on your laptop will be under your responsibility. As you know now the Acer laptops and those of other manufacturers are now delivered with a restoration system installed in a hidden partition (PQservice for Acer)on your hard disk. Normally this system

Once enterprises decide on a mobile strategy, it’s time to decide between native mobile application development and web application development. Native mobile applications have a lot to commend them. They are native and hence more in sync with specific features of iPhone/ iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etcetera – resulting in a smooth user experience. The downside of this approach is the high cost of development and the time and

There are thousands of similar products on line in this fast developing society. You can see we have lived in e-commerce era, so more and more people would like to publish their products or books on line. Having a good “partner” would make you survive and succeed in fierce competition. What’s a good partner? Reducing costs and improving products awareness, even sharing with others easily. We have found a good

Whether you are wondering “is it safe to buy a cell phone online?” The holidays are right around the corner and more and more people will be turning to the internet to purchase their next phone. So why should I learn how to buy a cell phone online? Chances are if you are like most people then you love great deals and the convenience of not having to wait in

Apple’s iPhone can always keep you entertained. There are plenty of applications in AppStore’s entertainment category that can get you out of absolute boredom and can keep your mood up and running. Further, after Apple has finally raised the curtains from iPhone 5, this category is going to get heaped up with apps as people would be inclined to get more and more of them. In the meanwhile, if you’re

The word “Beacon” actually means something visibly attractive or bright enough to convey a message or act as a signal. “iBeacons” is a concept originally introduced by Apple Inc. which is used as an indoor positioning and proximity based messaging system. As the concept gained popularity, several companies have emerged to manufacture hardware and develop mobile device applications exclusively for Beacon technology. Estimote, BluseSense and Onyx to name a few.

Buying a printer is not an easy decision any more. Today, printing technology is very advanced, and there are many different types of printing solutions available. So how do you make a wise investment when buying printers? Here are some factors that you need to consider before making a purchase. Factor 1: Hardware cost. Printers are very affordable these days. A 3 in 1 system can save you money as

EZbook A13 was released by the Chinese brand, Jumper, which specializes in small-sized notebooks. This is a 13.3-inch notebook, which features a full aluminum shell design, thin body, compact size, decent configurations and excellent battery life. Besides, it runs Windows 10 OS and is powered by Intel Bay Trail-T Atom Z3735F X86 (64bit) CPU. Design and Features There is no doubt that EZbook A13 imitates the MacBook Air on appearance.

Although low hard disk quality can lead to bad tracks, you should be aware that the most problems are produced by being used improperly. So in order to protect your hard disk as well as computer, I would like to tell you the facts about hard disk problems and bad tracks in particular. It can categorize into two kinds: logical and physical. Put in simple way, logical one is produced

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