Verzion’s FiOS service has a cool sounding name, but it is not exactly the most descriptive. With that in mind, I have compiled a brief list of things that many people may not necessarily know about Verizon’s FiOS service.

10) FiOS is more than just a broadband service. Besides having a name that drips with pure tech-bling, FiOS delivers top-notch digital cable and telephone services to customers lucky enough to be in range. Even more impressive is the fact that they all share the same connection without slowing down one of the fastest and most affordable broadband connections in the nation.

9) FTTH: FTTH stands for Fiber To The Home, and it describes how Verizon’s FiOS system delivers data. While fiber optics are used all throughout the Internet’s backbone, Verizon is the largest FTTH vendor in the country, and FiOS is their flagship consumer service. Fiber is good, and almost all vendors claim to have fiber, but few actually bring it to the property line.

8) Fiber is the future. Transmitting data over metal wires is an old concept that has worked well until recently, but comes with inherent limitations. Heat buildups and signal degradation over distance are common problems for engineers and network architects, but neither of these are major problems with a 100% fiber optic network such as Verizon’s FiOS. Fiber can be upgraded again and again at discount prices, which means that once copper wiring reaches its limits, fiber will keep improving and offerings better services.

7) Verizon’s FiOS is more than a sum of its parts, it is a fusion of them. Verizon’s team of engineers have spent a lot of time and energy examining how people live and where television, broadband, and telephone services fit into the lives of average people. For example: isn’t it annoying when a relative or friend calls right in the middle of a big game or critical moment during a show? With digital telephone and cable services offered via FiOS, caller IDs will appear on-screen along with the option of pausing shows (if one has a DVR) or sending the caller directly to the mailbox to leave a voicemail. Now THAT is convenience that is hard to beat.

6) There’s an App for that too! FiOS has its own app-center that is referred to as the Widget Bazaar. FiOS apps are almost universally designed to integrate into the television viewing experience in a professionally designed way. These apps add extra value and most are free, though some are free with the option to sign up for additional services. The wealth of apps is impressive, matched only by their quality and visual presentation. Warning: It may be impossible to go back to watching regular digital TV after experiencing app-fueled FiOS digital programming.

5) Bundle up and save! It may sound counterintuitive at first, but it is possible to get more and pay less by bundling services with many providers, and Verizon FiOS is certainly no exception. Not only does having more than one Verizon FiOS service provide a unique fusion, it also helps customers save money. It is possible to save a lot of money by selecting bundles of digital phone, digital cable, and broadband services, instead of shopping for individual services. Smart customers will take a look at their existing bills and see which bills they could cut by bundling with Verizon FiOS. Chances are that the cumulative effect of bundling could save a good deal of money, especially if measured over months or even years.

4) Save even more! Why pay full price when it is easy to find a FiOS promotion code that is essentially a coupon for FiOS services. Finding a FiOS promo code is never further than an Internet search away, and the results could be incredible savings on FiOS services. Be sure to not expiration dates on offers and any other limitations.

3) Verizon FiOS customers can access their DVR from the ‘net. One of the coolest ideas that Verizon FiOS engineers and programmers turned into a reality is the ability to remotely schedule and manage DVRs. Hear about a great show at the water cooler? No problem! Log in and set the DVR at the house to download it automatically without worrying about a complicated installation.

2) Save money on other stuff too! Verizon FiOS customers have access to the Spend Smart widget that can help them save time and money by turning their cell phones and membership cards to select chains into coupons. Want to save more? Look for a FiOS promo code that either comes with something that is already worth buying or a FiOS promotion code that offers a discount on something worth buying. Such items might include a DVR box, a laptop, or even a game console!

1) FiOS is a service that is evolving rapidly. It is possible to describe what FiOS is an offers today, but what it may offer tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Speed increases, additional channels, widgets, and new features are added all the time to FiOS. Verizon keeps innovating, but they always keep their ear open for great ideas from customers. Be certain to drop them a line if there is some critical feature or change that would make their service a no-brainer. A company that does not have their ear to the ground in this day and age is likely to get steamrolled, and it is clear that Verizon has learned this lesson well by looking at the shortcomings of the competition.

So there you have it, 10 things that you may not have known about Verizon’s fiber optic FiOS system. Remember, look around for a FiOS promotion code before signing up and save even more by bundling!

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