Trade-in Services.

Our Trade-in services enable you to sell your used electronic gadgets to us. You can exchange your laptops, tablets and mobile phones for cash or vouchers.

Repair Services

We believe a faulty electronic gadget can be fixed and regardless of your needs, our business is getting your devices fixed. Contact us and let our professional technicians repair your laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Cheapest Laptops

We never compromise our quality even though we are the cheapest laptop vendors in Singapore. We leverage our years of experience and expertise to provide quality laptops at the best affordable price.

Professional Services

Premium Refreshed Laptops

Looking for premium laptops at a huge discounted price?  Rest assured you’re in the right place, we have a nice collection of premium refurbished laptops. Kindly check in to see our premium refreshed laptop sections where you’re able to get the best deals on laptops in Singapore.

Refurbished Laptops

Do you need refurbished laptops at a discount with a guarantee? All our refurbished laptops are tested by experts to ensure they are fully functional. We bring to you a rare opportunity to get your high-spec laptops at an extremely discounted price.

IT Asset Disposition

Upgrading your company’s IT equipment? Why not trade in your old tech and get a discount on your new tech? Be eligible for rebates on new tech equipment purchases. Expect a price that you cannot refuse!

Data Recovery

The crash of your hard disk doesn’t mean all is gone. It’s too early to say goodbye to your files and memories of the photos as no recovery is too large for our team of recovery experts. Our recovery specialists employ the latest data recovery process to get your data back from failed storage devices.

Sell to Us

Do you have any IT Assets you will like to exchange for cash? Sell to us and we will surely give you a good price. The process is simple; we evaluate your devices (phones, laptops) and pay you an equivalent amount within a short time.


Something About Us

Over the past 13 years, PC Dreams has become one of the most trusted laptop retailers in Singapore. Founded in 2005, the founder started selling PCs by operating from his small NTU small hostel, then gradually business expanded and PC Dreams has gone from a network of stores offering services such as laptop repairs, laptop trade-ins and restored second-hand MacBooks, smartphones, tablets and refurbishing items to managing multiple online e-commerce shops.

We seek to provide customers with excellent customer service, giving them exclusive deals on machines that suit their needs. We also take care of the environment by ensuring that all used and waste items are properly recycled properly, correctly and sustainably. We are currently ISO27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 (Digital Hospital) certified with an excellent track record in data and quality management processes.

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